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We are located at 52 University Place, New York, NY, in the heart of Greenwich Village, Manhattan. Call us at (212) 982-3762.

Children’s Eyeglasses

Never has there been a selection as large as The Children's Eyeglass Store. A complete eyewear store just for kids! Great name brands, sport glasses, sunglasses all under one roof to try them on. Kids are excited as they can pick from a huge selection as never before. Parents are relieved as they finally have choices for their child. And professional care from the experienced and friendly staff of Devonshire Optical with 31 years of trusted service in the community.

Best Kids Eyeglass Store in New York City

Since 1984 Devonshire Optical has been serving Union Square, Greenwich Village, and Soho with the highest quality lenses and most fashion-forward eyewear.

In 2014, inspired by the need for children's eyewear, Devonshire Optical opened its Children’s Eyeglass Store across the street from its main store, located at 51 University Place, New York, NY.